• Beautiful creations from gems of the world

    Beautiful creations from gems of the world

    See the Jade Warrior - an 18 month project culminating in a stunning gemstone studded, gold plated scale model '32 Ford. Featured in Lapidary Journal Jewellery Artist Gemmys 2015 and currently on display at Emmaville Mining and Gemstone Museum

  • Intarsia creations

    Intarsia creations

    Pictures made from gemstones


The Portfolio link above will take you to my gallery photos of gem stone carvings, knives, jewellery and other works. Please check it out and leave a comment if you wish.

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The blog articles contain researched and referenced articles on media and other subjects.

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I am adding original multimedia content regularly.


The V2 HOG ring, a Harley Davidson style engine mounted on a ring, is now complete and available by custom order so check it out in the portfolio section

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Jade Warrior
The Jade Warrior, a gold plated scale model of 1932 Ford with carved Jade features and studded with gemstones
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Rainbow Serpent
The Rainbow Serpent is carved from Petrified Wood set with Chrysophrase and Pearl depicts Indigenous Australian dreamtime legend. Click to see the Australian Indigenous Dream Time…
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Stone Intarsia Pictures
Intarsia is a traditional method of closely joining stones to form a picture first developed in Florentine, Italy in the middle ages.

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